We would like to announce the addition of several new programs to our processes here at CNC. These programs reflect how we plan to change, grow, and always help our residents in new and evolving ways.

ReRACK ReStore

The ReRACK Project was born after having recieved so many clothing donations from our wonderful church partners that we now have more clothes than our residents can use! We are opening both an online thrift store as well as a physical store, located on 11298 Homestead Rd, Houston, TX, 77318. This project was designed with our residents' futures in mind. While working at the store, we will help them hone their skills in customer service, teamwork, and responsibility.

The Alison Program

With the help of free online classes like those from                         we are able to provide residents with the opportunity to learn online at their own pace. Each resident begins with a set of mandatory courses, which cover topics like computer literacy, finacial management, and job search skills. As they progress in the program, they have full access to take any additional classes which might interest them personally.

The Apricot Program

Apricot is a software from Social Solutions that is designed for nonprofits, and assists in tasks like recording historical data, organizing files, creating Individual Development Plans, and producing statistical reports. We have begun to incorporate this into our daily routine to help us modernize our processes and better assist our residents. 

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