Qualifications for Acceptance into Isaiah/Providence Houses:

  • Must be released from a Texas State Prison or Harris County Jails

  • Must be a legal citizen of the United States of America

  • Must be a Christian, and attend services offered in your unit

  • Must have a signed letter from the unit chaplain verifying your faith choice as listed on your travel card

  • Must have a referral letter from your mentor or from one of the volunteers who provides the service you attend

  • Must have no more than 4 offenses or convictions

  • Must have no record of murder or related offenses

  • Must have no record of sexual offenses or convictions

  • Must have no record of arson offenses or convictions

  • Must have no record of assault, bodily injury, or violence of household family member (wife, children, parents)

  • Must have no record of assault of, or injury to a child, children, the elderly or disabled

  • Must have no violation of protective order or restraining order

  • Must have no current record of gang or drug cartel membership, or affiliation

  • Must be employable and have proven work history inside and in the real world

  • Must have served at least three years

  • Must have at least three months of parole remaining upon release

  • We do not accept inmates with major medical or mental needs or conditions

  • We do not accept SSI Disability or Social Security

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements above send us a letter requesting to enter into our program and include why you feel you would be a good candidate. Mail letters to:

Christian New Creation

P.O. Box 11134

Houston, TX 77293

Transforming Lives Through Christ